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The new stylish casual match3 game! Try Monix Deluxe with HD graphics. Think.
Monix is a casual match3 game. We believe that it is the newest Hit! Why? Monix is New style of match3 games. It is a revolutionary brain teaser amongst match3 games!
From one side Monix is for fun like classic Match3 style itself. But from the other side it is simple, stylish, laconic and offers something new. The Strategy!
Now you are not just removing the gems from the field like in classic match3 but you are thinking forward. You are placing gems on the field with aim to remove them from the field in the future.
Don’t forget about Luck! Luck makes Monix unpredictable and this is fun and really challenging and makes Monix addictive! You have the plan of your own but luck makes some corrections. So you should to adapt and to win at the end.
This game is for fun and for brain in the same time. It is new Hit and new chain in match3 games evolution!
Try and Enjoy puzzle game with HD graphics! But, please, don’t break you brain, you’ll need it further! Stay logic. Think.