Classic Tetris + Brick Game + Unique Gameplay = Quadris: Tetris Nostalgie
Best Tetris alternative game by with hiqh quality graphics (Tetris nostalgie style). There is no rush like in classic Tetris, but a plenty of time to think over.
Quadris is harder then Tetris.
★★★★★ Game Rules:
Select bricks of the shown figure(no rotation) shape to remove it from
field. Clear row to make new bricks available (like in Tetris). Challenge other gamers in pursuit of highscore.
Use new game feature: hold current figure (click on figure to hold it). Drop rows successively by each figure to get bonus points.
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★★★★★ Contacts:
★★★★★ Note:
Tetris® is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts.
Enjoy new gameplay in this Tetris® alternative game.
Keywords: puzzle, game, Kid, tetris, logic, fun, free, android, kidga, addictive.

Quadris Nostalgie is available at Google Play for free.
See Google Play : Quadris Nostalgie
See other markets at: free games

One thought on “Quadris Nostalgie

  • I notice that when one upgrade to a paid vision of Quadris you loose your position/ Level on the game you start at zero level. how can one regain the position that I had before upgrading? Please help.

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