Another tetris-puzzle game hit, now in HD. A continuation of Quadris Deluxe hit.
New puzzle challengle with 5-blocks tetris-like figures. There is no rush like in classic tetris but a plenty of time to think over. Pentas is harder then Tetris, but easier then Quadris. Try out and check your puzzling skills!
Hint: make combo drops for more score.
★★★★★ Game Rules:
Select bricks of the shown figure shape (any rotated/mirrored version) to remove it from field. Clear row to make new bricks available (like in Tetris). Challenge other gamers in pursuit of highscore.
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★★★★★ Note:
Tetris® is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts.
Enjoy new gameplay in this Tetris® alternative game.
Keywords: puzzle, game, Kid, tetris, logic, fun, all age games, free, android, kidga, addictive.

Pentas Deluxe is available at Google Play for free.
See Google Play : Pentas Deluxe
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Pentas Deluxe gameplay video:

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