Monix for Android is a new challenge game in a Match3 style.
Game rules:
Place bricks on an free spaces on a field. Make 3 or more bricks in a row of the same color. Clear row to make new bricks available. Use multicolor to create longer color chains.

It available at Android Market for free.
See Android Market : Monix
See other markets at: free games

Game video:

Game features:
– local and global highscores (tracking with points gain),
– one-touch selection,
– bonus brick,
– advanced gameplay and balance
and much more.

4 thoughts on “Monix

  • would be nice, if old versions are available. i have only a access to appslib. quadris and monix were the games with most fun there. but since the one before the last update. they wont work on my archos 48 ;(

  • Hi, ben.
    Please check e-mail (… at – if it yours).
    Or please e-mail request to our support (support at

  • they are working again, yeah! thank you. these games are great for the bus or train. that fantasymail normally works. maybe it declared the mail as spam.

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